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Grouping routes for RPC

If you want to enable type inference for multiple apps correctly, you can use app.route() as follows:


Pass the value returned from methods like app.get() or to the second argument of app.route().

import { Hono } from 'hono'
import { hc } from 'hono/client'

const authorsApp = new Hono()
  .get('/', (c) => c.json({ result: 'list authors' }))
  .post('/', (c) => c.json({ result: 'create an author' }, 201))
  .get('/:id', (c) => c.json({ result: `get ${c.req.param('id')}` }))

const booksApp = new Hono()
  .get('/', (c) => c.json({ result: 'list books' }))
  .post('/', (c) => c.json({ result: 'create a book' }, 201))
  .get('/:id', (c) => c.json({ result: `get ${c.req.param('id')}` }))

const app = new Hono().route('/authors', authorsApp).route('/books', booksApp)

type AppType = typeof app


Released under the MIT License.