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In this section, we talk about the concept, or philosophy, of Hono.


At first, I just wanted to create a web application on Cloudflare Workers. But, there was no good framework that works on Cloudflare Workers, so I started building Hono and thought it would be a good opportunity to learn how to build a router using Trie trees.

Then a friend showed up with ultra crazy fast router called "RegExpRouter". And, I also had a friend who created the Basic authentication middleware.

Thanks to using only Web Standard APIs, we could make it work on Deno and Bun. "No Express for Bun?" we could answer, "No, but there is Hono" though Express works on Bun now.

We also have friends who make GraphQL servers, Firebase authentication, and Sentry middleware. And there is also a Node.js adapter. An ecosystem has been created.

In other words, Hono is damn fast, makes a lot of things possible, and works anywhere. You can look that Hono will become Standard for Web Standard.

Released under the MIT License.