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Web Standards

Hono uses only Web Standards like Fetch. They were originally used in the fetch function and consist of basic objects that handle HTTP requests and responses. In addition to Requests and Responses, there are URL, URLSearchParam, Headers and others.

Cloudflare Workers, Deno, and Bun also build upon Web Standards. For example, a server that returns "Hello World" could be written as below. This could run on Cloudflare Workers and Bun.

export default {
  async fetch() {
    return new Response('Hello World')

Hono uses only Web Standards, which means that Hono can run on any runtime that supports them. In addition, we have a Node.js adapter. Hono runs on these runtimes:

  • Cloudflare Workers (workerd)
  • Deno
  • Bun
  • Fastly Compute
  • AWS Lambda
  • Node.js
  • Vercel (edge-light)

It also works on Netlify and other platforms. The same code runs on all platforms.

Cloudflare Workers, Deno, Shopify, and others launched WinterCG to discuss the possibility of using the Web Standards to enable "web-interoperability". Hono will follow their steps and go for the Standard of the Web Standards.

Released under the MIT License.